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Below are answers to our frequently asked questions, hopefully they will answer any queries you may have, alternatively feel free to get in touch with us.

Will I be the owner of the website? 2015-08-15T10:20:31+00:00

Yes, once your purchase has been completed we will liaise with you to transfer the domain name to you so you are the legal owner of the website.  This part of the process usually takes less than 1 working day.

Do I need to have a Limited Company or be VAT registered to operate this website? 2015-08-15T10:24:13+00:00

Not at all, you just need a bank account to receive your payments. We recommend taking accountants advice if your business really starts to take off though.

Can I host this website anywhere? 2015-08-15T10:29:59+00:00

Yes it is your website, you will own it and can do as you wish with it.  We do offer 12 months free hosting but if you prefer to host it elsewhere we will provide all the files you need and assist in the transfer.

Do you provide training on how to operate the website? 2015-08-15T10:35:47+00:00

We will provide you with access to our online niche academy where you can get access to videos,  guides and documents to help you learn about how to operate your website, update it and promote it online.  We also offer 1 months technical support (via our online support system) with all our websites to help you get up and running with your website and understanding how it all works.

I’ve never run a website business before and I don’t have much technical knowledge, can I do this? 2015-08-15T10:39:05+00:00

Absolutely, our websites are built on an easy-to-use platform and we have a series of videos that show you how to manage your website and will teach you new skills and teach you lots about making money online.

Some of the biggest affiliate earners in the World probably started with no experience, everybody has to start somewhere.

What do I have to do then? 2015-08-15T10:41:18+00:00

Your role will be to manage and maintain your website, updating it with content regularly and promote it to get people visiting the website. You focus on promoting the website and the software handles the products and links to the affiliates and retailers to ensure you earn your commissions from sales you generate.

How many hours will I need to work on the site? 2015-08-15T10:52:29+00:00

This all comes down to the individual but as with anything, the more time you put in the better the results. However, if you can find an hour or two a day to manage and promote your website you have every chance of running a successful affiliate website.

How do I earn from my website? 2015-08-15T10:58:12+00:00

We will show you how to set up your own accounts with the affiliate networks who we use (don’t worry it is quite easy and doesn’t take long at all!) so that they pay you directly.  These companies will then pay any commission/revenue earnt via your site to you directly into your bank on a monthly basis.  You can log in to your accounts at any time to see how much you are earning too!

What Is A Cookie? 2015-08-15T11:03:07+00:00

A cookie is a piece of code that is placed on your site visitors website when they click a link through to the retailer.  The cookie means that whatever product they buy from the retailer you earn commission and the cookie period is how long you have for the user to buy, so even if they buy days or weeks later you still earn commission!

How quickly will my website make money? 2015-08-15T11:04:43+00:00

This is a difficult one to answer as no two sites are the same, it basically comes down to how many visitors your website gets, we have seen some websites make money in a matter of days, others have taken longer, it depends on getting a good number of site visitors (a site getting 200+ visitors a day should do well) and how much effort you put in to promoting the website.

Are there any other ongoing costs other than detailed on this website? 2015-08-15T11:05:41+00:00

There are no required additional costs in the first year at all. After 12 months however there is a hosting charge of £99.99 per year however you can choose to host your website elsewhere if you wish.

How much can I make with one of these websites? 2015-08-15T11:06:48+00:00

The magic question… literally billions of pounds worth of sales are generated around the World every year by affiliate websites and the market is booming at the moment.  There is no reason why you should not be able to generate a nice  income from your site by putting in a little bit of time and effort, the earning potential is endless, the more people that visit your website the more it will earn but the level of success is down to you.

This sounds great, what’s the catch? 2015-08-15T11:08:15+00:00

There really is no catch! the difference between succeeding with one of our websites or not is YOU, you need you to invest time in them to make them successful.  If you want to buy a website, do nothing with it and expect money to drop into your bank account each month we suggest you look elsewhere, our websites are for people who want to capitalise on the multi-billion dollar affiliate industry and aren’t afraid to put the effort in.

Don’t take our word for it that the affiliate industry is a serious billion dollar industry, read what Wikipedia has to say about it here.

Can I resell the website if I want to? 2015-08-15T11:09:16+00:00

Yes you can do with the website what you wish, sell it, give it away, leave it to a neighbour in your will, it is your website and you can do with it as you wish.

Are there any other costs involved? 2015-08-15T11:10:44+00:00

There are no hidden fees with our websites, the price you see advertised is all you will pay to own this website.  We host the website for you for free for the first 12 months so until the end of your first year there are no other costs involved.  At the end of the first year there will be a cost of £99.99 per year to continue hosting the website with us and a domain renewal fee of £9.99 per year.  Alternatively you can move the website to your own provider and host the site/renew the domain name with them.

How long does it take to receive my website once I make my purchase? 2015-08-15T11:11:28+00:00

Once your purchase has been processed you will receive an email confirming your purchase complete with your purchase invoice then within one working day we will be in touch with you via email to initiate the setup of the website in your ownership (domain name ownership etc) and to advise you how and where to set up your affiliate accounts (don’t worry its easy and we are on hand to help/advise with this).

The whole process normally takes only a few days from purchase to being the owner of your very own affiliate website.

Got any other questions? 2015-08-15T11:12:30+00:00

If you have any other questions you would like to ask before buying one of our website simply contact us.