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All the online stores available on operate in an industry that has been making BILLIONS for years and all the industry experts see continued growth for many years yet according to the Forester Research Inc

This industry is known as affiliate marketing and you can too now earn from this multi billion industry.

Don’t worry if you are not familiar with the term affiliate marketing.

Let us explain how it works and once you know the basics you will see how you can make a passive income from home.


All the online stores available here have been professionally designed and loaded with thousands of products from various online retailers around the world. These online retailers range from beauty products, sport products, pet products, you name it you are likely to find an online store here for you.

In fact if you don’t and want us to create one for you let us know by contacting us here.

You do not need to be in the same country as the online retailer you are promoting because you can earn wherever you are in the world.

You see, the online retailer takes care of everything, carrying stock, product delivery and payments, meaning you could be in the Carribean promoting a product in Europe and you will still benefit because the company in Europe takes care of everything!

You don’t have to worry how you are going to post a product from one side of the world to the other, the online retailers take care of this for you. This opens up this opportunity to you wherever you are in the world.


You promote your online stores following the advice we share. The experts here at teach affiliate marketers how to make money online. This is taught at the Online Niche Academy.

Our experts have taught hundreds of people over the years and anyone who purchases an online store from us receives access to the Online Niche Academy for FREE – saving you £799

You will be taught how to do this and what simple steps you need to take based on 15 years industry knowledge from our team of experts.


By following the advice shared and keeping up to date of market changes over time your store should increase in popularity and start to attract visitors that are searching for the products you are promoting on behalf of the online retailers.

The visitors you attract will see the products advertised on your website and when they click the product will be able to buy the product directly from the ONLINE RETAILER.

If the visitor you sent to the online retailer buys the product or in fact any product for a whole 30 days after you have sent them you will benefit

Why Do You Benefit?

Because the online retailer wants to reward you for the sale they made due to your website and to thank you will be rewarded with a commission payment.

Commission payments vary based on each online niche store and the online retailers products therefore to check out what commissions are paid check out each estore individually.

The more commission payments you receive the MORE YOU WILL EARN

The beauty of the affiliate marketing business model is…..

Yes that’s right, the online niche stores available to you here:

Next to each product on the estores you will see a button titled “VISIT RETAILER”

When your website visitor clicks this button, they are taken directly to the online retailer to buy the product.

The online retailer knows that your online store sent them that visitor because something known as a TRACKING COOKIE let’s them know which websites are sending them visitors.

The more visitors you send to the online retailers websites with YOUR TRACKING COOKIE on it, the more you increase your chances of earning more money.

What is also great is that the tracking cookie last for a whole 30 days.

Meaning that if the visitor returns to the retailers website at anytime during the next 30 days you will earn, irrelevant of what product they buy!

Yep that’s right is someone clicks a product on your website but doesn’t buy for another 20 days you will still earn a commission!

By promoting online retailers products from your very own online store you are rewarded each time one of your visitors buys.

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