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You will receive a complete online niche store packed full of products from online retailers that allows you to, Yes this is your very own internet business that is entirely yours to do what you want with. You will own the website. The domain name will be transferred to you when you buy an online niche store from us, therefore you can take comfort in knowing that the online niche stores you build up can be sold to whomever you want at anytime in the future. This means you will profit from all your hard work

You can also add further revenue streams to your website.

From our experts experience of providing internet businesses you will find out in the Online Niche Academy how you can increase your income further once you start attracting visitors.

You will also be provided with the software used to create the stores so should you want to become more techy and learn for yourself how the online niche stores are created you will be able to build your own, or if you would rather just focus on promotion you can buy another store from us.

Your Online Niche Stores will be hosted on our servers for 12 months.

Yes that’s right we offer you FREE hosting for the first 12 months as part of your purchase (if you like though you can choose to host your online niche store elsewhere, the choice is yours).

At the end of the 12 months you can pay for hosting for a further 12 months or choose to take your website elsewhere. Full details regarding cost of ongoing hosting is available next to each online store.
Access to the Online Niche Academy (normal cost £799) where you will receive:
30 day handover support & Ongoing technical support

Extra Bonuses

All online niche stores are mobile friendly. With more and more people now using smart phones to search for products this is a great bonus that is now available to you. No more pinching the screen to see websites, all the stores resize automatically. This feature alone is worth the stores price!

All stores have social media integration. No doubt you are like one of the millions of people using social media every day therefore all our stores have social media integration allowing you to promote your store on Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc

All stores have a built in blog for you to have your say about the products you are promoting, any special offers or promotions or even product reviews! This is a great way for you to attract visitors to your website.

As well as everything above, we will point you in the direction of the affiliate networks we use to fill your store full of products.

You will be able to register with these networks and track how well your store is performing. You will be able to track how many of your visitors go on to buy a product.


You get access to:

  • Detailed reports.
  • Commission reports.
  • Literally everything you need to track how well your store is performing and how much money you are earning.
  • You even get access to other companies that will be promoting products similar to your store therefore if you find products you want to promote you can always contact us to arrange for us to display their products on your website.

Why choose us

Here at youronlinenichebusiness.com we recognise the importance of sharing with you real facts about making money online.

The online stores are not a get rich quick scheme.

They are a great way to supplement your income working part time hours.

We recognise the importance of being transparent with you so you are fully aware what you are likely to earn. This industry is open to companies promising you the world and having operated in this industry for over 15 years these companies come and go.

We believe the best way to form a positive relationship is to be straight and honest with you from the start.

All online stores available here have the potential to make you 10 times the price you pay providing you follow all advice shared

We have a special offer available right now , where anyone who purchases an online store from us will receive access to the Online Niche Academy for free, saving you a whopping £799.

Our team of experts have been making money online for numerous years and they know what is required for you to be successful.

Our experts have connected hundreds of internet entrepreneurs with various online businesses over the years therefore the support you will receive means you have a great chance of achieving your dream of successfully running your very own business.

If you were to develop your own store or get a web developer to make one for you, you could spend months learning all the technical wizardry and end up paying through the nose for one.

Before launching these stores we researched the market and found companies charging 5 times what we are providing them for.

The support material available is provided by a team of experts with proven track records of generating visitors to websites.

If you are determined to succeed, want to improve your knowledge and operate a business without a huge financial outlay the one question you probably want to know the answer to is.

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